160 of the World’s fastest downhill skateboarders will gather on the face of Pikes Peak and battle it out on a 2 mile section of this infamous highway, set amongst the clouds and colorful skies of the Southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.


IDF (International Downhill Federation) sanctioned ‘World Cup’ skateboard race.


PIKES PEAK HIGHWAY, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Saturday and Sunday, September 12th & 13th


Riviera Skateboards directly supports an international community of racers through our annual events.  We aim to provide skaters of all skill levels and disciplines with World Class experiences in the most unique and memorable locations.  In this, our first sanctioned ‘World Cup’ event, our goal is to host the most professionally organized race, held on one of the Planets most challenging courses, and provide each racer with an opportunity to win some serious cash, doing what they love.


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